War Veteran Sets Record on March to Flip Senate Seat Red

War Veteran Sets Record on March to Flip Senate Seat Red

(FeaturedHeadlines.com) – Afghanistan war hero and Republican Senate candidate Sam Brown has shattered fundraising records in Nevada, setting his sights on flipping the crucial swing state from Democrats in November. The former US Army officer raked in a staggering $1.85 million in the fourth quarter of 2023, marking the highest haul ever for a challenger to an incumbent Nevada senator. This, combined with his third-quarter haul, brings his total to a hefty $3.04 million — another state record for that combined timeframe.

Brown’s campaign war chest dwarfs that of incumbent Democratic Senator Jacky Rosen, whom he will likely face in November should he secure the Republican nomination in June. Notably, it even outpaces Rosen’s own record-breaking fundraising effort when she challenged Republican Senator Dean Heller in 2018.

“I’m deeply grateful to the tens of thousands of everyday Americans who’ve fueled this campaign,” Brown told Fox News Digital, emphasizing the grassroots nature of his support. “Every day, traveling Nevada and speaking with voters, I’m reminded of why this race is so critical.”

He criticized the incumbent Senator and President Biden’s policies, accusing them of “making the American Dream unattainable for most Nevadans” and leaving “our borders wide open to drugs and violence.” He said his campaign seeks to “end the American Nightmare” imposed by the current administration and restore prosperity.

Humbled by the nationwide surge of support, Brown emphasized that his ultimate goal is ensuring all Americans have equal access to the American Dream. “The people of Nevada want a better future, and Sam Brown’s People’s Agenda will provide the necessary solutions for our recovery and prosperity,” said his campaign manager, Faith Jones.

Brown, a Purple Heart recipient who suffered severe facial burns from an IED in Afghanistan, previously ran for Senate in 2022 against Catherine Cortez Masto. Despite securing second place in the Republican primary, he fell short against eventual nominee Adam Laxalt. This time, however, backed by the NRSC and considered the frontrunner, Brown seems poised to mount a serious challenge to Senator Rosen.

However, he faces stiff competition from fellow Republicans, including former Trump Ambassador Jeff Gunter, Air Force pilot Tony Grady, and ex-Assemblyman Jim Marchant. The June primary promises to be a fiery crucible, testing Brown’s fundraising advantage and ability to unite the diverse factions within the Nevada GOP.

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