Zelenskyy Claims Failed Counteroffensive Result of Leaked War Plan

(FeaturedHeadlines.com) – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky admitted on Sunday, February 25, that Russia had acquired Ukraine’s top-secret counteroffensive plans before they were launched in 2023. This revelation comes alongside a rare discussion of military casualties in the ongoing war entering its third year.

Speaking at an event commemorating the second anniversary of the Russian invasion, Zelensky said that Ukraine’s counteroffensive plans had been in the possession of the Kremlin before the actions commenced. This admission sheds light on what many analysts already suspected: a contributing factor to last year’s failed spring counteroffensive plan.

The President’s office confirmed that Zelensky referred to “sensitive military planning information” falling into Russian hands. Ukraine will now create “several plans” to counter future leaks to keep the Kremlin guessing.

While a 2024 counteroffensive is planned, the public was previously aware of Ukraine’s intention to launch a spring offensive last year. Despite boasting about the attack for months and receiving billions in Western military aid, the offensive ultimately failed to recapture significant territory.

The reasons for the failure are multifaceted. The Russians had time to solidify their defenses and plant mines. Additionally, overgrown fields, caused by a lack of farming due to the war, hampered infantry movement. However, Zelensky attributed most of the blame to Ukraine’s Western allies, alleging shortcomings in providing adequate and timely weapon supplies.

In another significant development, Zelensky provided a rare glimpse into Ukrainian casualties, claiming over 30,000 soldiers have died in the conflict. This number is significantly lower than estimates from the United States military, which suggests a range of 70,000 to 90,000 dead and a potential total casualty count including wounded of up to 200,000. Zelensky dismissed higher figures as “lies” propagated by Russia.

Ukraine continues to release its casualty figures for Russian troops, including a recent claim of 400,000 deaths and nearly 19,000 destroyed tanks and armored vehicles. These figures are considerably higher than estimates from independent organizations like the International Institute for Strategic Studies, which puts the number of destroyed Russian tanks closer to 3,000 and the total number of casualties significantly lower.

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