LGBTQ Activists Destroy Pro Life Headquarters

( The headquarters of a pro-life organization, Pro Vita & Famiglia (Pro Life & Family), was completely destroyed in Rome, Italy, where so-called pro-women and LGBTQ protesters came out in large numbers to attack the building.

The demonstrations were carried out to condemn the violence against women, but it turned violent when the group started smashing windows of the pro-life association and throwing smoke bombs at it. The protesters also sprayed graffiti on the building in the presence of the police, which failed to curb the protests.

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni stated that violence against women cannot be condemned by attacking a pro-life center, adding that the violence should always be denounced regardless of where and how it is being propagated.

She further stated that vandalizing a pro-life organization on behalf of a woman who lost her life due to violence should never be justified.

A weapon resembling an unexploded Molotov cocktail was also found inside the building.

Meanwhile, the pro-life association slammed the protesters and accused them of operating under a dangerous agenda. According to them, the attack only shows the hypocrisy of the so-called feminists and transgender protesters who want to cancel everything that does not follow their ideology.

The organization also lamented that their noble work of protecting the life of an unborn child and bringing them to the world safely is being targeted.

Pro-abortion activists attacking and destroying pregnancy centers worldwide have become a new norm in recent times.

Last year, vandalizers wrote slogans like “abort God” and “fund abortion” in an Ohio pregnancy center. Similarly, protesters allegedly belonging to the extremist group Jane’s Revenge sprayed graffiti on the Bowling Green Pregnancy Center and other such facilities that aim to provide ultrasound and delivery services.

These attacks dramatically increased in intensity after the Roe v. Wade verdict by the US Supreme Court, which empowered states to enact their own abortion laws.

Jane’s Revenge was also founded by far-left activists after the Supreme Court abortion verdict.

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