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The journalists at Featured Headlines are citizens like you, embedded in towns and neighborhoods across the nation. They feel committed to their faith, their families, and their way of life, and are devoted to bringing the latest conservative news and viewpoints to your inbox. At Featured Headlines, our writers have a real stake in the news of the day, and feel it’s imperative to make sure you’ve got the most vital information to make decisions in the voting booth and in your daily life.

About the Featured Headlines Team

Our freelance writers spend their days serving in communities as teachers, hospital staff, farmers, customer service personnel, oil rig workers, factory workers, homemakers, and as church volunteers. Throughout the day, they pay attention to the latest information that affects the lives of conservative Americans focused on family values, and you’ll feel their passion in both our Daily Bulletins and Full Disclosure pieces.

Our writers are committed to preserving the lives of unborn children, standing behind the reversal of legal abortion laws, and ensuring support for all unborn children and their families. We are a family-first publication dedicated to preserving values that will propel America into a successful future.

Our Editorial Policy

Our beliefs don’t cloud our vision. Everyone on our team is held to a high standard when it comes to honesty in reporting and journalistic integrity. We don’t tolerate bias, editorialization, or skimming on fact-checking. You can visit or site assured in the knowledge that what you find here is honest and submitted with integrity.

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