Daily Bulletins provide the latest news, information, and legislation, bringing the national level news to your community from a conservative standpoint. With Daily Bulletins, you can track overspending in Washington and learn about potential restrictions to your right to worship freely and own guns.

Combined with the more in-depth Full Disclosure section, you’ll get the complete context of the news of the day with your Daily Bulletins — without any of the liberal bias present in mainstream media.

Illegal Migrant Crime Wave Sweeping Across U.S

(FeaturedHeadlines.com) The United States is grappling with an unprecedented crime wave carried out by illegal immigrants who are entering the country under President Joe...

AOC Vows to Impeach Justices After Supreme Court Ruling

immunity from prosecution for official acts, potentially derailing a case against former president Donald Trump for his alleged role in efforts to prevent the...

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Our Full Disclosure pieces are here to help you contextualize the daily news – especially when it comes to issues that threaten your Constitutional rights. Here you’ll find a sharper look at what’s happening on federal, state, and local levels. When events happen in Washington and throughout the world, how do they affect your community, your faith, and your family? Full Disclosure helps you sort that out.

In concert with the Daily Bulletins section of Featured Headlines, Full Disclosure provides a consistently conservative viewpoint on fiscal responsibility, gun rights, abortion, faith, and more.

Pentagon Sued After Removal of Military Academy’s Famous Motto

(FeaturedHeadlines.com) The US Military Academy at West Point has produced officers for the nation’s armed forces since 1802, including notable names like Dwight Eisenhower,...

Oakland Mayor Remains Defiant After FBI Raid

(FeaturedHeadlines.com) Oakland's Democratic Mayor Sheng Thao denied her involvement in any wrongdoing and refused to resign from office days after the FBI officers raided...

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Featured Headlines brings you news from a conservative standpoint. You deserve to know how Washington politics affect your hometown American life, and Featured Headlines is committed to informing you about how your core values could be threatened by impending legislation. When it comes to preserving your right to free speech, Featured Headlines brings you the latest news and areas of concern.

With a focus on small town, conservative values, Featured Headlines champions fiscal responsibility on a national and personal level. When environmental and gun control regulations become as out of control as government spending, we’re here to let you know. 

Home Movers Training To Combat Human Tracking

(FeaturedHeadlines.com) A Florida-based moving and storage company is training its staff to combat the rising menace of human trafficking, which has marred the whole...

Democrat Senator Joins Growing List Boycotting Netanyahu Congress Speech

(FeaturedHeadines.com) US congressional leaders invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address lawmakers in Washington on July 24, amid Israel’s fight against Hamas in...

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