Hillary Clinton Claims Trump Wants to Murder Rivals During Wild Rant

(FeaturedHeadlines.com) Former US Secretary of State and defeated Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton claimed in a podcast appearance on April 19 that presumptive 2024 Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump wants to kill his political opponents. Clinton accused Trump of looking up to leaders like Russia’s Vladimir Putin and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un.

Trump desires to kill or imprison his political opposition, govern without checks and balances, and drive journalists into exile, Clinton said. Americans should be scared by Trump’s rhetoric, according to Clinton. Trump will act like a dictator if he returns to the White House, Clinton said, adding that she does not make such a statement lightly.

Clinton contrasted her perception of Trump with current US President Joe Biden, who Clinton believes wants to preserve democracy in the United States. Biden will abide by the results of a “free and fair” election, Clinton said. Clinton conceded that Biden, 81, is old, but contended that he is still an effective and compassionate leader.

A Trump campaign spokesperson reportedly said that Clinton suffers from so-called Trump Derangement Syndrome. Clinton appears unable to accept her 2016 electoral defeat by Trump, the spokesperson also said.

However, US Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene presented an alternative concern to Clinton’s: that Trump could be jailed and killed by political opponents ahead of Election Day. On April 22, Greene said that Democrats want Trump dead, citing a proposal to revoke his Secret Service protection.

Democrats want to imprison Trump for life and take away his protective detail so that he can be murdered in prison, Greene said. Trump faces a number of criminal charges, which he has characterized as a form of election interference. Greene called the legal cases an “unbelievable perversion” of the US justice system.

Although Clinton worries about the potential erosion of US democracy under a second Trump administration, Trump and his allies are concerned about more imminent threats from the Biden administration and its Democratic apparatus.

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