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At Featured Headlines, we put news and other content affecting conservative American values front and center. We know what matters most to you: protecting and defending your family, your faith, and your hometown values. Featured Headlines emphasizes financial responsibility with the federal budget and the preservation of fundamental Constitutional rights.

Featured Headlines about Family Life

Do you want to protect the sanctity of life? Do you want to ensure you can use firearms to protect your family? Do you want to make sure your place of worship and your congregation have the right to express values about the traditional American way of life? At Featured Headlines, we believe American values deserve to be front and center. That’s why we feature news and other content focusing on issues that impact, threaten, or promote conservative values in the United States.

Featured Headlines Respects Your Community

At Featured Headlines, our writers understand the importance of community. This means we know you value your faith, your children’s school, your place of work, and your home — the heartbeat of your traditional American life.

We highlight stories affecting these pillars of your life, understanding the importance of how your family values intertwine with the everyday. We consider it our mission to put news impacting you in front of you each day.

Daily Bulletins to Keep You Informed

Worried about overspending in Washington, DC? Want to know what your elected officials and legislators are doing? Tired of mainstream bias, spin, and even attacks on local law enforcement? Our Daily Bulletins will keep you informed about what our lawmakers are doing, as well as crime, financial issues, and anything else that might have an impact on the values you hold dear and your way of life.

Digging Deeper for Full Disclosure

Protecting the American way of life, traditional family values, freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, and freedom of religion are all important to us — all of your Constitutionally protected rights are. If something coming out of your federal or state government may threaten those values, you’ll find a deeper dive with more information and explanation right here in our Full Disclosure section.

Supporting the American Worker

Are you a hardworking American worried about looming automation and outsourcing? At Featured Headlines, we believe that American jobs should stay in America. When news breaks of plant closures, layoffs in various industries, or the movement of jobs to overseas economies, Featured Headlines is there to let you know all about it.

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We know that everyday American families are impacted by the rising cost of goods, supply chain disruptions, and corrupt politicians in Washington. Do you want a better life for your family, faith, and community in the future? Featured Headlines keeps you informed so you know how and when to act in your community and in the voting booth. Make sure you subscribe to ensure you get our headlines delivered right to your inbox each and every day.

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