Getting to Know the Featured Headlines Team

Every single day, Americans across the country are faced with a barrage of news. Most of what we’re exposed to touches on surface-level talking points, leaving more questions than are actually answered. So what happens when those news consumers get fed up? When they decide they’re tired of the bias and vitriol? They band together to provide their own set of featured headlines each day.

The Featured Headlines Mission

The Featured Headlines team is primarily focused on sharing news that may impact or threaten the American way of life – especially when it comes to the conservative core values we hold dear. Our founding fathers set forth a plan for our nation, one that remains at the root of our judicial and executive systems. You, as readers, deserve to know what your elected officials are doing to uphold those values – or, unfortunately, what they’re doing to destroy them.

We spend each day scouring the news for stories that are important to you as patriotic citizens. We believe in the preservation of the Constitution and your rights as set forth in the amendments we hold dear. Freedom of the press, freedom of speech, and the right to bear arms are all rights that come with a great deal of responsibility. Over-legislation should not be tolerated.

The Featured Headlines Team

Everyone on the Featured Headlines team has walked a different path. Seasoned journalists and writers, dedicated editors, former educators, military members, corporate CEOs, tradesmen, nuclear workers, and a myriad of people with other experiences have all banded together in the quest for truth.

Journalistic integrity is at the heart of what we do. We have all been burnt and know how difficult it is to gain the trust of the public. We are dedicated to proper research, fact-checking, and a collaborative process that ensures all of the news we publish is on point.

We also won’t be swayed. While we of course want you to see news that impacts your cherished way of living, we also want to make sure that what you read here is unbiased. We will not be influenced or swayed by any lobbying group, political candidate, or individual with a corporate interest. You’ll find nothing but the facts here.

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