Shocking Moment Pelosi Confronted By Pro Palestine Protester During Speech

( A couple of pro-Palestinian protesters disrupted the speech of former House speaker Nancy Pelosi in the UK, where she was addressing the Oxford Union at the University of Oxford.

The protesters who carried Palestinian flags came in front of Pelosi’s podium, which prompted security personnel to remove them.

Nearly 250 protesters also gathered outside the building and demanded freedom for Palestine and an immediate end to what they called “genocide.”

The protests were led by a youth resistance group, Youth Demand, which called Pelosi a “warmonger.”

The group said they cannot remain silent when warmongers like Pelosi are given a platform, accusing her of supporting actions that result in children being killed and hospitals bombed.

At the time of the protests, Pelosi was addressing the annual Benazir Bhutto memorial at the Oxford Union.

Bhutto was the former and first-ever female Prime Minister of the predominantly Muslim country of Pakistan. She was assassinated while returning from a campaign rally on December 27, 2007.

Recently, Pelosi triggered a controversy after stating that pro-Palestinian protests against President Biden have a “Russian tinge” to them.

Pelosi stated that Hamas is the only faction that is responsible for not reaching a ceasefire agreement, adding that Biden has been making consistent efforts to stop the war. She also claimed that anti-Israel protesters stormed her house in the middle of the night with signs like “Genocide Joe,” among others.

The California Democrat called the protests a spontaneous reaction to the events and said that she “trusts” the motivations of these protesters.

Pro-Palestinian protests have also erupted in colleges across America, with hundreds of protesters already arrested. These protesters are urging their respective colleges to cut ties with Israeli companies and denounce the ongoing violence in Gaza that has killed more than 34,000 people since the October 7 attacks of Hamas on Israel.

Columbia University has already begun suspending students who refuse to end protests that have significantly disrupted educational activities.

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