Massive $95BN Aid Package Passed, Senate Signs Off

( The US House of Representatives passed a $95.3 billion aid package for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan in bipartisan votes that saw opposition from some lawmakers of both parties.

In a rather unusual voting procedure, four separate bills were combined into one aid package that resembled another Senate bill that passed the upper chamber of Congress a couple of months ago.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer hinted at the urgency of the situation and promised to send the legislation to the White House after passing it from the Senate. President Biden has already signaled his support for the package.

The largest funding bill outlined $60.8 billion in aid for Ukraine, which passed the House by a 311-112 vote. Multiple conservative lawmakers introduced amendments to the bill with no success.

Another bill in the package included $26.4 billion in funding to Israel, including $9.2 billion for humanitarian aid in Gaza. The Israel bill was passed more comprehensively with a vote of 366-58.

A separate bill in the package would allocate $8.1 billion in aid for Taiwan and other Indo-Pacific allies of the US, including the Philippines, and passed the House by a 385-46 vote.

The last bill in the package, passed by a 360-58 vote, would separate TikTok from its Chinese owners and release Russian international frozen assets to Ukraine.

The most contentious bill in the package was the Ukraine funding, which attracted criticism from a majority of GOP lawmakers. The chamber went through votes on multiple amendments to the bill, including the one proposed by Congresswoman Majorie Taylor Greene, who is leading the effort to oust Speaker Mike Johnson.

Greene stated that America must not indulge in a foreign war and the government should instead focus on protecting the Southern border, which has direct implications for the average American. However, Greene’s amendment was turned down as only 71 other Republicans supported her.

Some Republican lawmakers also questioned the $9.2 billion aid to Gaza, claiming that this money will go to Hamas.

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