Boyfriend Charged With Murder After Girlfriend’s Remains Were Found in His Closet

( A 34-year-old Texas man allegedly murdered his girlfriend and hid her body in his closet. The suspect, Omar Lucio, is accused of beating 27-year-old Corinna Johnson to death after an argument at a bar.

Lucio and Johnson maintained a relationship for six years despite Lucio committing domestic violence, according to Johnson’s family. Johnson’s aunt reportedly said that she warned her not to stay with Lucio, fearing that he would kill her.

Lucio allegedly beat Johnson to death after the couple got kicked out of a bar. Lucio allegedly claimed that it was Johnson’s fault they got booted from the bar and that she became unresponsive after he “knocked some sense” into her.

A woman who claims to have been an intimate friend of Lucio called police to report Johnson’s death, after Lucio allegedly requested her help. The woman saw Johnson bruised and bloody on the floor, appearing dead. One of the woman’s friends eventually convinced her to report what she saw to the police.

Police went to Lucio’s apartment, where they followed a trail of blood and ultimately discovered Johnson’s body wrapped in bedding in a closet. Lucio told the police that he initially believed Johnson was going to be alright and that she could “sleep it off,” but later noticed that she stopped breathing. Lucio did not indicate how Johnson ended up in the closet where she was found.

Johnson’s family is now attempting to raise funds to cover funeral expenses. The family has sold food and launched an online fundraising campaign in an effort to pay for the unexpectedly early funeral. The family is also tasked with caring for Johnson’s seven-year-old son.

Lucio is jailed on a $1.5 million bond for murder, as well as an unrelated incident involving alleged street racing. Lucio has a criminal history going back to 2007, including cases for rape and assault.

Although Lucio has yet to be convicted for his alleged role in Johnson’s death, he remains off the streets while prosecutors pursue justice for the apparent murder.

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