AOC Fears Trump Will Throw Her in Jail if Elected

( Democratic US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has often criticized former president Donald Trump and backed current officeholder Joe Biden. AOC’s opposition to Trump appears to be, at least in part, rooted in a concern that he might imprison her if reelected in 2024.

AOC expressed her concerns about potential jail time under a second Trump administration during a podcast appearance on June 6. The congresswoman—a member of the so-called “squad” of progressive Democratic lawmakers—said that she would not be surprised if Trump threw her in jail.

Trump is “out of his mind,” AOC claimed. The congresswoman also referenced Trump’s calls during the 2016 election to lock up campaign rival Hillary Clinton.

AOC said that she takes Trump “at his word” when he says he intends to round people up if reelected; Trump has said that he will crack down on illegal immigrants, not duly elected lawmakers. Trump has also rejected the idea that he would seek retribution against political opponents.

Trump “absolutely” has a chance to win the presidential election in 2024, AOC said. Democracy in the United States could dissolve if Trump returns to the White House, the congresswoman warned.

AOC said that her concerns about a potential second term in office for Trump has drove her decision to back Biden early in the race. The congresswoman said that she “vociferously” supports Biden’s reelection bid.

AOC is not the only figure who has expressed concerns about their potential fate if Trump returns to the White House. Political commentator Rachel Maddow said that she is also worried about being put in a “camp” by Trump.

Maddow suggested that Trump could weaponize camps intended to house illegal immigrants against other people. Trump has said that he would not rule out the use of camps to house illegal immigrants, but noted that there is not much need for them.

It is anyone’s guess whether AOC and Maddow’s fears are sincere, or whether they are attempts to stoke a fear of Trump among voters ahead of Election Day.

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