Buc-ee’s Founder Son Accused Of Filming Bathroom Sex and Showers

(FeaturedHeadlines.com) The son of a cofounder of the famous convenience store chain Buc-ee’s faces multiple indictments for filming his guests undressed while using bathrooms and engaging in intimate acts.

Prosecutors accused 28-year-old Mitchell Wasek of invasive visual recording of his guests, among other charges.

According to the office of Travis County Attorney General Jose Garza, the 21 felony counts against Wasek stem from his filming of 13 victims who he recorded without their consent.

Garza stated that the AG’s office responsibly presented all evidence to the jury, which found the charges against Wasek completely justified.

However, Wasek’s lawyer, David Gonzalez, argued that the prevalence of video recording in today’s world grants his client the right to install cameras in his home. He added that a homeowner should have more legal rights than guests.

Wasek was caught red-handed when one of his victims discovered a hidden camera inside a charging port. A female victim disclosed that Wasek invited her to his guesthouse, where her friend, who works at a cybersecurity firm, joined her and discovered a hidden camera inside the bathroom wall.

The victims handed the camera and its memory card to the Dallas police, who later discovered that the card contained 68 controversial video clips of various guests who stayed at Wasek’s properties.

The clips showed victims using the bathroom, changing clothes, or even having intimate moments together. Victims have also revealed that Wasek was present in the properties in most instances when the controversial clips were recorded, although some of the properties belonged to his parents.

According to the police, Wasek also has a history of purchasing hidden camera equipment from Amazon, which was delivered to different addresses.

Wasek is now released on a $280,000 bond and will soon reappear in the court.

Wasek’s father, Don Wasek, is a cofounder of the convenience and travel store chain Buc-ee’s, which originated in Texas and later gained popularity in several other states.

The company operates 48 stores in 41 cities across seven states.

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