Letitia James Slapped With Lawsuit Over Censoring Pro Life Clinics

(FeaturedHeadlines.com) New York liberal Attorney General Letitia James faces a lawsuit from pro-life groups for allegedly curbing information about abortion reversal pills.

In the lawsuit, the organizations maintained that James abused her powers to push pregnancy centers to stop disseminating information about abortion reversal techniques.

Recently, James sued 11 pregnancy centers and accused them of spreading misinformation about progesterone supplements that seek to reverse chemical abortion.

However, multiple anti-abortion pregnancy centers slapped James with a retaliatory lawsuit, in which they accused the AG of following “unconstitutional” practices to curb freedom of speech of pro-life groups.

The lawsuit stated that the AG is fully aware of the use of progesterone, and still, she wants to stop pregnancy centers from talking about these supplements.

Meanwhile, James has blamed anti-abortion centers for using deceptive and manipulative tactics to spread information about the abortion reversal pills, adding that reversing abortion is not possible.

She also stated that the claims of pro-life centers that progesterone can be used to reverse abortion have no scientific backing, so they should avoid discussing such controversial things.

Progesterone is a time-tested medication for preventing miscarriages, with some organizations claiming that its success rate is as high as 64 to 68%.

The lawsuit against James also mentioned studies stating that 48% of recipients who took this medication within 72 hours of taking mifepristone successfully gave birth.

Pro-life advocates have also urged the importance of progesterone, claiming that some women regret having abortions and want to reverse its effects immediately. Gabriella McIntyre, one of the lawyers involved in the case against James, said that progesterone is an easy way to help such women.

However, James is doing everything in her capacity to prevent the freedom of choice for women who want to give birth, McIntyre added. She urged the court to protect the freedom of pregnancy centers that want to disseminate important information about the use of progesterone to interested women.

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