Over 28 Sodas and Beverage Brands Recalled Over Contamination Fears

(FeaturedHeadlines.com) The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) enforcement has resulted in the recalling of almost 30 drinks so far this year, including the products of popular brands like Pepsi and Coca-Cola as well as infant formula milks.

Four beverages of the Charles Boggini, including their Yellow and Pink Lemonades, Yellow Lemonade X, and Cola Flavoring Base, are the latest drinks to be recalled for concerns over the presence of hazardous chemicals that can cause cancer, respiratory illness and allergic reactions.

The enforcement also recalled almost 1.9 million bottles of Fiji Water, which claims to provide “Earth’s Finest Water,” after the FDA discovered that their water contained “bacterial genera.”

Other brands that saw their beverages and sodas recalled include Tapee Tea, which allegedly contained anti-inflammatory drugs without any mention on the label.

PepsiCo also recalled its Schweppes Zero Sugar Ginger earlier this year after an internal investigation found that some of its products contained sugar at a time when the name itself included “zero sugar.” Back at the time, the FDA warned that having sugar in a zero-sugar drink can be dangerous for people who have to avoid sugar at any cost.

Nearly 25,000 cases of the famous Martinelli’s apple juice also came under scrutiny for the presence of inorganic arsenic compounds in it.

Some of the cases of Coca-Cola’s product Powerade were also recalled due to the presence of foreign metal objects.

Some infant formula milk brands also came under the spotlight for containing chemicals dangerous for newborn children. Some of these chemicals have the ability to cause seizures and brain swelling among infants, which can result in lifelong trauma.

Meanwhile, health experts have raised concerns about the rising number of drinks that are getting flagged in 2024.

A food expert, Dr. Darin Detwiler, stated that most drinks are recalled for the failure to declare the ingredients they use in their products.

The FDA regularly updates its webpage for all the products that are recalled for whatever reason.

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