Biden Warns Citizens They May Not Be Able To Evacuate

( The White House has refused to rescue Americans with dual Ukrainian citizenship who are trapped in the war-torn country, due to a new Ukrainian law that bars all men of conscription age from leaving.

Ukraine does not recognize dual citizenship, which means that any American who has the dual nationality of Ukraine will be considered solely a Ukrainian and has to follow all the local laws.

These laws include the recently enacted mobilization law, which prevents men of conscription age from leaving the country as they can be called to fight against Russia at any time.

According to the US embassy in Ukraine, America has limited powers to amend local Ukrainian laws, so any American-Ukrainian present in the country should stay safe and “obey all local orders.”

The embassy also warned American-Ukrainians currently present in the United States against moving to Ukraine if they do not want to stay there indefinitely.

This new law came at a time when Ukraine is facing a chronic shortage of military personnel, which has urged them to enact drastic measures. In order to tackle the manpower crisis, the Ukrainian parliament has also passed a law that would allow prisoners belonging to certain categories to join the military and fight against Russia.

Previously, Kyiv has opposed any such idea and slammed Russia for recruiting prisoners in its military.

Although the Biden administration has consistently provided funds to Ukraine since the onset of the war in 2022, military experts believe Ukraine stands little chance against mighty Russia. Earlier this year, Russia even started tactical nuclear drills, which escalated the possibility of a nuclear war that could have consumed millions of people.

However, Russian President Vladimir Putin has recently suggested that Moscow has no need to use nuclear weapons in the conflict.

Meanwhile, the US has accused Russia of using chemical weapons in the conflict, which, just like nuclear bombs, also comes under the category of Weapons of Mass Destruction.

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