Horror Teen Murders Parents and Wounds Deputy During Shootout

(FeaturedHeadlines.com) 19-year-old Florida resident Christos Alexander Themelis Jr., who killed both his parents and injured a deputy, was shot down after he forced himself in a gunfight with deputies.

On June 15, the police received a 911 call from Themelis’s mother, Rebecca Ann Themelis, who told law enforcement about the murder of her husband. The deputies also listened to gunshots during the call, which urged them to rush to the location.

As they reached the home, deputies found both Themelis and Rebecca outside their house. They immediately asked Rebecca to walk towards them, but the son mercilessly fired a bullet in his mother’s head, who died on the spot. He also opened fire on responding deputies, one of whom was injured by a gunshot.

The deputies immediately fired back and injured Themelis, who ran inside the house. The law enforcement then sent a robot inside the house, where they found the father’s dead body. Themelis later succumbed to his injuries.

Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister appreciated his team for neutralizing the threat that could have been a danger to the whole community.

Chronister stated that the injured deputy is safe now and asked everyone to pray for the whole team that bravely fought with the “monster” and eliminated him.

This was not the first time that deputies visited this home. Chronister revealed that law enforcement was called at least ten times at this location, mostly due to Themelis’s violence against his parents and his mental health complications.

Deputies had previously seized Themelis’s guns due to the presence of the active risk protection order against him. It remains unclear how Themelis managed to access the gun to kill his parents at a time when he was declared “mentally unfit.”

The Sheriff stated that the mystery surrounding Themelis’s violent behavior is unlikely to be resolved now, adding that killing any human being can never be justified, even with mental health complications.

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