Kamala Harris: 2024 Election Could Be America’s Last Democratic One

(FeaturedHeadlines.com) In a recent podcast interview, Vice President Kamala Harris expressed her frustration with former President Donald Trump. She raised concerns about the future of American democracy, suggesting that the 2024 election “genuinely could be” the last democratic one in the nation’s history.

Appearing on the “I’ve Had It” podcast with co-hosts Jennifer Welch and Angie “Pumps” Sullivan, Harris delved into various topics, including her political views and rematch with Trump alongside President Biden. In a playful segment of the show called “Had it or Hit it,” where the hosts ask guests about their likes and dislikes, Harris revealed her affinity for astrology, identifying herself as a Libra and discussing its influence on her relationship with her husband, Doug Emhoff.

However, the conversation took a more serious turn when the co-hosts inquired about Harris’s feelings towards Trump. In response, Harris unequivocally stated, “Totally had it,” emphasizing her exasperation with the former president and the high stakes of the upcoming election.

Referring to Trump’s leadership style, which is characterized by aggressive rhetoric, Harris remarked that empathy is a vital trait for real leaders, contrasting it with Trump’s approach. She underscored the election’s significance, acknowledging that many people share her frustrations with Trump.

The hosts chimed in, highlighting Trump’s penchant for expressing his views loudly and frequently, whether through social media platforms like Truth Social or news outlets like Newsmax. Harris agreed, likening Trump’s communication style to a “gigantic bark” without subtlety or nuance.

As the conversation intensified, Sullivan voiced a grave concern, suggesting that the 2024 election might be the last democratic one in America’s history. Harris concurred, acknowledging the ominous signs that Trump’s behavior and rhetoric signaled. The co-hosts elaborated on their point, emphasizing how Trump’s actions resemble those of dictators who don’t relinquish power willingly.

Harris shared her encounters with world leaders who have expressed genuine concerns about the integrity of the upcoming election and its implications for American democracy.

In her remarks, Harris conveyed a sense of urgency and apprehension about the future of democracy in the United States, echoing the sentiments of many who fear the near end of democratic norms and principles.

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