Cruz Says Dems Break Rules By Blocking Mayorkas Impeachment Articles

( GOP Senator Ted Cruz criticized Democrats for unanimously dismissing articles of impeachment against DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.
Taking to the social media platform X, Cruz wrote that Democrats had violated the two-centuries-long tradition of holding a Senate trial of an individual impeached by the House.
The senator further stated that Democrats neither respected the rule of law nor the Constitution in their effort to hide facts from Americans.
Democrats’ attempt to save Mayorkas from a full-fledged Senate trial is the first time in 225 years that the upper chamber of Congress has decided not to hold the trial of an impeached individual or even allow a special committee to review the matter.
Cruz also stated that the Senate held trials for all 22 previous impeached officials in the history of the United States, except in cases when the impeached individual either died or was no longer in office.
According to Cruz, Democrats violated their constitutional duty by not letting the Senate investigate the evidence against Mayorkas.
During the Senate proceedings, Cruz also introduced a motion to let the Senate investigate the charges against Mayorkas in a closed session. However, Democrats dismissed this motion with a 51-49 vote.
Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer indicated that Mayorkas’s impeachment trial was politically motivated, and Republicans orchestrated it to pave the way for Trump’s election victory later this year.
Cruz also criticized Schumer on the Senate floor, stating that the majority leader does not believe that violating the federal immigration law and an intentional attempt to let illegal immigrants invade the country comes under high crime or misdemeanor.
Other conservative lawmakers, including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, also lambasted Democrats for not allowing a full Senate trial for Mayorkas.
Cruz’s comments came as the Democratic-controlled Senate exonerated Mayorkas from the charges outlined in the impeachment articles passed by the House, which accused Biden’s border chief of willfully avoiding the implementation of federal immigration law and breaching public trust.

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